Individual Trauma Kit
NOLATAC and High Speed Gear's Individual Trauma Kit.

NOLATAC and High Speed Gear already teamed up this year with the release of the M3T (Multi-Mission Medical Taco), which is designed to carry and deploy individual first aid kits.

Now the duo is back at it again with the Individual Trauma Kit, designed to be the compatible medical insert for the M3T.

While the Individual Trauma Kit was designed for the M3T, according to, it can also fit inside other “two magazine” form factor medical pouches such as the ITS Tactical Tall-boy and the DARK Angel Pouch.

The Individual Trauma Kit comes equipped with the following items:

  • (1) TK4-L Tourniquet
  • (1) Package of Quickclot EMS
  • (1) H&H Thin H Pressure Dressing
  • (1) Wound Seal Duo Kit
  • (2) Rolls of compressed guaze
  • (1) Pair of nitrile gloves

The Individual Trauma Kit has an MSRP of $84.95 with the option of adding an NPA and lube for $5 more or adding a decompression needle for $10 more.

Preorders for the Individual Trauma Kit are now available with an expected shipping date of June 16.

For more information on the Individual Trauma Kit, please visit our friends over at

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