Minnesota-based Nordic Components has launched the NCT4, a new handguard system designed for short-barreled, suppressed AR-15s that lets users extend the length of their handguard when operating with a suppressor.

The NCT4 handguard is available in two separate lengths—6.7 inches or 9.5 inches—to provide coverage on barrels that measure 7.5 inches or 10.5/11.5 inches. The removable shield provides of six inches of suppressor coverage and additional rail space. Both sections are M-LOK compatible and sport a continuous top rail. Suppressor shield mounting is toolless, with only the push of a button needed to unlock the shield.

Nordic Components says the NCT4 handguard is fully compatible with standard AR-15-pattern upper receivers and is capable of accommodating most suppressors.

“The current trend is for long handguards on AR-15 rifles, generally out to the end of the barrel. This allows more rail space and better mounting locations for accessories. Short-barreled rifles (SBRs) and AR pistols give up this option. However, Nordic Components set out to add a handguard extension when running SBR/Pistol AR-15s suppressed. The result is the NCT4 Suppressor Shield,” Nordic Components VP Casey Knutson said in the press release.

Nordic Components is now taking pre-orders on the NCT4 for a summer delivery. It comes with a $350 price tag.

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