Daniel Defense has partnered with Oakley in an effort to provide shooters with the most durable and mission critical eyewear protection possible: The Daniel Defense Cerakote Collection.

Select Oakley SI models are now available in Daniel Defense’s popular cerakote colors that include Mil-Spec+ and Daniel Defense Tornado.

The models features a small DD logo laser etched into the corner of the lens along with a Picatinny rail texture on the Oakley “O” on each of the frames for a completely custom look.

The Oakley SI models available in the Daniel Defense Cerakote Collection include:

  • SI Gascan (Daniel Defense Tornado): $150
  • SI Fuel Cell (Mil-Spec+): $160
  • SI Ball Det Cord (Daniel Defense Tornado): $180
  • SI Fuel Cell (DD Ultrablend): $210

For more information on the Daniel Defense Cerakote Collection, please visit For more from Oakley, please visit

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