Oakley — the world-famous brand which specializes in manufacturing sunglasses, apparel (sweaters/hoodies, jackets, vests, shirts, pants), footwear, bags/packs and more — has expanded their footwear line with the introduction of the new SI-8 boot. This lightweight, tactical eight-inch boot features an advanced synthetic upper with a Hydrofuse construction. In addition, the SI-8 includes a superfabric fast rope protection panel, as well as an external reinforced heel counter and wiped traction blocks for added slip resistance. The breathable upper construction and high tech no sew fabrications make this a highly effective tactical boot for military and law enforcement. It is available in two different colors: Black and Coyote. With a manufacturer suggested retail price of $200.00, these boots are lightweight and impressive.
Features: Oakley SI-8 Boot

-High tech no sew fabrications
-Breathable upper construction
-Superfabric fast rope protection panel
-External reinforced heel counter
-Siped traction blocks for slip resistance

Oakley is a California-based company best known for their popular line of sunglasses. Initially a sports company, Oakley has expanded their product offerings to include every variety of consumer. To learn more about the SI-8 Boot and the range of other products offered by Oakley, please visit

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