Oath Ammunition's Revolutionary Tango Shotgun Round

The new and improved Tango Shotgun Round from Oath Ammunition is truly a thing of beauty.

The 602 grain high grade American copper expandable projectile travels down range at 1,200 feet-per-second. The rounds are fired from a ultra-light weight 7000 Series aerospace aluminum case and immediately, upon impact, expand into devastatingly sharp 3-inch Tango projectiles.

According to AllOutdoor.com:

The main feature of this projectile is the extreme degree of expansion. With the muzzle energy of 1925 foot-pounds, more than five times that of .45 ACP, any normally constructed slug would blow right through the relatively soft-skinned vertical aggressor and keep on traveling through the matchstick and veneer houses typical of the American suburbia. TSR, initially .70 caliber, expands to 2.6 inches, with six sturdy, sharp petals widening the frontal area by around 460 percent. The hollow base becomes a ring to decrease the amount of resistance the projectile encounters in the middle: it’s not like the half-inch wide meat cylinder that will squeeze through it would remain viable tissue. All that adds up to a ragged wound channel over two and a half inches across and about a foot deep!

With five rounds per package, the Tango Shotgun Round retails for $34.95 and is available now.

For more information on the Tango Shotgun Round and other products from Oath Ammunition, please visit OathAmmo.com.

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