Defense Technology OC Flameless Tri-Chamber Grenade SHOT Shot 2015
New For 2015: Defense Technology's OC Flameless Tri-Chamber Grenade

Defense Technology has some of the best less lethal products on the market.

The company recently announced its newest option for the Flameless Tri-Chamber Pyrotechnic Grenade family, which incorporates the new cutting-edge Pyrotechnic OC technology.

The chemical agent device combines the effectiveness of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) as an irritant and inflammatory agent with the flexible delivery methods, range and area coverage of pyrotechnic munitions for crowd control.

The OC Flameless Tri-Chamber Grenade contains naturally occurring pepper extract in a Saf-Smoke pyrotechnic formulation.

The design of this grenade allows the contents to burn within an internal can and disperses the agent safely with reduced risk of fire.

The delivery method, by way of a hand-thrown grenade, provides much wider area coverage and range options than with conventional OC sprays and grenades.

The Flameless Tri-Chamber Pyrotechnic Grenade family is designed primarily for tactical situations to detect and/or dislodge a barricaded subject. Further, the respiratory effects of these grenades can be particularly dramatic, producing rapid incapacitation and equally rapid recovery once the subject is removed to fresh air.

The OC Flameless Tri-Chamber Grenades are now available for law enforcement agencies only.

For more information on the OC Flameless Tri-Chamber Grenade and other products from Defense Technology, please visit

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