SilencerCo Weapons Research (SWR) launched one year ago with the idea of taking incredible shooting technology and making it available to the civilian market. The Radius rangefinder is evidence that SWR is fulfilling its promise.

The rail-mounted rangefinder is the first product offering from SWR, and has seamlessly integrated target ranging into the shooting process. Shooters can check a target’s range accurately out to one mile without having to come off the gun.

The Radius is capable of attaching to a Picatinny rail in any orientation. When SWR first decided to create its own rail mounted rangefinder, the company wanted something that would allow shooters to range out to incredible distances reliably without having to come off of the gun.

Additional features of the rangefinder include a user configurable display, continuous ranging for 12 hours with two CR123 batteries, and resistance to extreme elements.

The Radius has an MSRP of $999.99 and is available now.

Check out the video above and see how the Radius performed when SWR got together with friends to pop some prairie dogs and knock steel down at the NRA Whittington Center in New Mexico.

For more information on the Radius and other products from SilencerCo Weapons Research, please visit

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