The ATN OTS-XLT Thermal Monocular.

Small enough to fit in a pocket but big on features, the new OTS-XLT Thermal Monocular from ATN is your go everywhere hunting companion. Add to that the ability to record, and all of your hunting stories will now come with video evidence.

The ATN OTS-XLT Thermal Monocular

The OTS-XLT is available in two lens options, 19mm 2-8X and 25mm 2.5-10X, providing greater range for long-range hunters. Featuring ATN’s Obsidian LT core, the OTS-XLT utilizes a 50Hz thermal sensor. Depending on the device, the OTS-XLT has a human detection range of 670 or 850 meters. Additionally, the human recognition range is 335 or 425 meters and identification range is 170 or 210 meters.

The thermal imaging is represented in three different color modes—White Hot, Black Hot and Color. Although the color mode has two different representations. The heat tracking feature detects the highest temperature spot in the scene and marks it on the display, as well.

The ATN OTS-XLT Thermal Monocular features three color modes.

With an internal storage of 8Gb, the OTS-XLT is capable of recording video or capturing pictures. However, with a low resolution of 720×576 px the video or photo will not be as crisp, by today’s standards. But it does help to keep the overall cost down.

The internal micro display provides a clear reproduction of your target, with a resolution of 720×540 px. Also, the smart rangefinder technology identifies the distance between the target and observation position.

With IP67 construction, the OTS-XLT is water resistant when submerged up to 1 meter deep for a half hour. So, you don’t have to worry if you drop it in the water or use it in the rain. Also, the rechargeable Li-Ion battery provides over 10 hours of continuous use and is rechargeable via a USB-C charging cable.


The ATN OTS-XLT Thermal Monocular is available now with an MSRP of $599 – $699, based on model. For more info, please visit

The ATN OTS-XLT Thermal Monocular.

X-Vision Night Vision Rangefinder Specs

Lens: 199mm or 25mm
Sensor: 160×120 px / 17 µm 50 Hz
Magnification: 2-8x or 2.5-10x
Field of view (degrees): 8.2×6.2 or 6.5×4.9
Core: ATN Obsidian Core LT
Micro Display: 720×540 px
IP Rating: IP67
Charging: USB, Type C
Video Record Resolution: 720×576 px
Internal Storage: 8 Gb
Color Modes: White Hot / Black Hot / Color
Battery Life (Li-ion): ≈10 hr
Operating Temperature: -4°F to +131°F
Dimensions: 6.85” × 2.63” × 2.08”
Weight: .81 pound
Detection Range: 670 meters or 850 meters
Recognition Range: 335 meters or 425 meters
Identification Range: 170 meters or 210 meters
MSRP: $599 or $699

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