Optics companies continue to refine and improve rifle scopes with the 1-6 power scope growing in popularity. It’s about perfect for 90 percent of what you can do with a carbine. Once 3-gun really took off the 1-6 power scope followed closely behind. Just enough power to get out to most carbines range, yet a true one power for closer work. Most fit perfectly an AR, or any carbine with a rail.  Burris is offering the RT-6 this year, maybe the best buy on the market in this power range.

The Complete RT-6 Package

Sending a few rounds down range at the Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous in Gateway, Colo., this little scope was pretty impressive. — clear glass, very compact and light with a fast reticle. Buy the scope alone and it’s under $500 retail. Add the Fast Fire III RDS and PEPR mount and you are still at just more than $600.

Burris sent me the complete package for testing and it was a blast to run. A true one power makes it useful at close range. At full power it provides plenty of magnification out to 600 yards.

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The AR Reticle uses a broken circle center with a center dot. Subtensions extend both vertically and horizontally for ranging, wind holds and compensation for range.

Bullet drop compensation­­­ (BDC) for 5.56mm takes you to 600 yards, but can be used with similar calibers. With 80 MOA for elevation in .5 MOA increments, the 30mm tube makes it easy to zero.

At 10.3 inches, it’s shorter than many 1-4 power scopes weighing only 17.5 ounces.

The suppled power lever is attachable on any groove on the ocular lens to fit your needs.

A single CR2032 batteries powers 11 brightness settings for low light or bright day light conditions. The package includes a Burris Fast Fire III RDS with a 3 MOA dot for fast transitions up close. Designed to fit an AR, the P.E.P.R mount provides perfect alignment.

Everything you need is provided in a single box. Just mount to your rifle and head to the range.

On the Range

Mounted to my Joe Firearms Enhanced AK74, this scope proved excellent. Just the right height to clear my rear peep sight and maintain proper eye relief. It zeroed easily and my Luth AR stock provided a proper cheek weld.

Even the BDC matched the Hornady 60 grain 5.45 x 39mm out to 400 meters.

Designed for competition, it is incredibly fast. Moving from 25 to 400 yards was quick — just turn the dial up as needed or use the RDS. Weight was minimal and did not affect the balance of the rifle.

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The RT-6 was about perfect for my 3-gun rifle and will get used for a few competitions in the next few months.

If you are looking for an excellent 1-6 power scope perfect for competition, duty, or self-defense make sure to give the RT-6 a very hard look.

MSRP on the riflescope ranges between $419 and $659.

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