New Burris Thermal Sights come in clip-on, handheld and riflescope variants.

Whether standing post or chasing coyotes at night, night vision technology makes a monumental difference afield. Now Burris offers thermal sights in handheld, clip-on and riflescope variants, giving shooters the edge they need to succeed in the dark.

Burris Thermal Sights

The Burris Handheld (BTH), Clip-On (BTC) and Riflescope (BTS) Thermal Sights each come in 35mm and 50mm options. The optics offer a variety of color palettes, brightness controls, hot tracking, picture-in-picture and the ability to sync to mobile devices.

The Burris Thermal Handheld unit tracks out past 750 yards. It features a 5X zoom to track heat signatures on animals in the dead of night. A realtime wifi-to-mobile connection enables others to view, control and record from a mobile phone using the Burris Thermal App.

The hybrid Thermal Clip-On Sight serves as a handheld device for added mobility. It also fits to a mounted riflescope using a simple adaptor. It goes from standard to thermal in mere seconds, according to Burris. The unit features 1X, 2X and 5X zoom in four color palettes. It includes stadiametric ranging, picture-in-picture, hot tracking, and brightness and contrast controls. An included cable allows connection to an external battery.

The Burris Thermal Rifle Sight offers dedicated night hunting optics with a choice of 10 reticles and five color palettes. It features a 4X zoom.

Each Burris Thermal Sight comes in two sizes offering various fields of view and zoom range options. Shooters can operate each device with one hand without leaving the field of view. The intuitive menu displays in the optics sight picture for quick access to all the different features. It allows zeroing the thermal reticle to match the point of impact for a given distance. Finally, the battery icon gives current battery charge status.

Suggested retail prices range from $2,462 to $5,502. For even more info, please visit

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