Two new Bushnell Elite Tactical riflescopes meet long-range demands.

Bushnell recently announced the addition of two Elite Tactical riflescopes. The DMR 3.5-21×50 FFP and XRS3 6-36×56 meet the demands of law enforcement and military professionals, along with long-range and precision rimfire competitors. The versatile additions bring long-range capabilities for serious shooters.

Bushnell Elite Tactical Riflescopes

The DMR3 enables engagements out to 1,000 yards in a lightweight, compact package. Meanwhile, the XRS3 tackles extreme long-range needs, including military and ELR competitors. It offer the highest magnification int he entire Elite Tactical family of riflescopes.

Each scope comes with the company’s most advanced optical system. It delivers a high magnification ED Prime objective and fully multi-coated elements. An EXO Barrier protection and new reticle element coating add to the upgrades. The new coating increases light transmission by nearly 2-percent, according to Bushnell. The improvements help deliver a high-performance package.

Additionally, each scope features a new “G” series reticle designed in partnership with G.A. Precision. Based on the G3 reticle, the new GRP features a floating dot center POA. It includes floating holdover dots, refined line widths, quick acquisition bars for low-magnification settings and amore open reticle space above the horizontal stadia, according to Bushnell.

“The new Elite Tactical DMR3 is utterly reliable, tracks perfectly has a huge eye box and the field of view is everything you need,” said George Gardner, Founder of G.A. Precision and Team Captain for Elite Tactical. “With the etched glass and updated G4P reticle, it’s about as perfect as it can get. I have never had one fail me in a match.” 

Feature Rich Scopes for Long Range

Each scope utilizes a multi-position ThrowHammer magnification lever. The device enables a shooter to accommodate their particular rifle without concern of manipulation interference, according to Bushnell. The scopes also include a Rev-limiter Zero Stop elevation turret, locking windage target turret and removable sunshade. The DMR3 shorts the minimum parallax setting over the DMRII from 50 to 25 yards. Meanwhile, the XRS3 features a minimum parallax setting of 50 yards and a D-Lok locking diopter.

“The XRS3 has a lot more with 36 power and a 56mm objective, but it still delivers a sharp crisp image at every magnification from the bottom to the top,” said Bryan Sikes, Elite Tactical pro. “What you are really getting is every benefit of the DRM3 in a more magnified package.”

The XRS brings 29 MIL elevation travel, 15 MIL for windage. Field of view equals 18 feet at yards on 6X. It measures 14.9 inches long and weighs 39 ounces. The DMR3 delivers 32 MIL elevation travel, 20 MIL for windage. Field of view equals 25 feet at 100 yards on 3.5X. It measures 13.2 inches long and weighs 35.5 ounces. For even more info, please visit

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