The Bushnell Prime 1800 ranges reflective targets out to 1,800 yards.

Bushnell just released the newest addition to its laser rangefinder line, the Prime 1800. Packed with features, the Bushnell Prime 1800 ranges targets out to 1,800 yards, providing tremendous utility for shooters, competitors and sportsmen.

Bushnell Prime 1800 Rangefinder

The Prime 1800 features the company’s all-new ACTIVSYNC. The technology comprises a display system that fluidly morphs from black to red readouts, based on lighting conditions. The unit features all-glass, multi-coated optics. An extra-large laser aperture window pairs with double the light transmission over competitive models, according to Bushnell. The display works at sunrise, midday or dusk. It even shows red and black simultaneously should the environment require it.

“In order to fully leverage the excellent 2x brightness from our laser rangefinders, we knew adding an illuminated display would give users the ability to use it throughout the entire legal hunt time,” said Derek Osburn, Director of Optics for Vista Outdoor. “However, we also knew that we wanted to go further and apply our 25-year history of laser rangefinder innovation to this feature and have done so with the new ActivSync display. This intuitive design gives you a red or black display exactly when you need it, making it even easier to get an exact distance quickly and accurately.”

Versatile Rangefinder

The Prime 1800 delivers effective ranging on a reflective target out to 1,800 yards. It reliably ranges trees to 1,000 yards and deer out to 700 yards, with +/- one-yard accuracy, according to Bushnell. The Prime 1800 also comes with Scan mode for fast ranging. It also works for near/far target modes, allowing homing in on targets while ignoring other objects in the foreground or background. The rangefinder also comes equipped with ARC (Angle Range Compensation) for angle readings.

The rangefinder features a built-in tripod mount and lanyard holes. It gives users multiple setup options to keep the rangefinder secure and stable. A threaded metal battery door on the bottom of the rangefinder provides access to a single CR2 battery.

The entire unit comes covered by the company’s 5-year Lifetime Ironclad warranty. The Prime 1800 retails for $249.99. For even more info, please visit

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