The Cyclops Hades works as a headlamp or handheld light.

Cyclops just announced the release of its newest headlamp, one configured to provide tremendous utility. The Cyclops Hades rechargeable headlamp removes from its mount. The design turns the headlamp into a handheld light, giving more options for duty, defense or when afield.

Cyclops Hades Headlamp/Handheld Light Combo

The Hades draws power from a 2200mah lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The light utilizes a 10W Osram P9 LED to deliver 1,000 lumens of clean, white light out to 100 meters. Four intensity settings deliver 3-, 15-, 40- or 100-percent illumination. Consecutive run time comes to 4.5 hours at 40-percent intensity.

The dual-function capability comes from the housing and headband attachment system. The housing utilizes anodized aluminum for light weight and maximum durability. The housing’s tubular profile and 90-degree lamp offset allow the light to serve as both a headlamp and a handheld light.

Two snap-on clips integrated into the headband mount secure the housing to the headband for hands-free use. When operations require handheld function, the housing removes from the headband mount. Flats on either side of the lamp allow the light to lay on most surfaces without rolling, potentially compromising sound integrity or position.

The Hades also comes with a removable spring steel clip. It allows users to secure the light to a pocket or belt, while the 90-degree lamp configuration provides forward illumination.

The Hades retails for $49.99. For even more info, please visit

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