Widely known for its Holographic Weapons System (HWS), EOTech is an optics manufacturer with firm roots in the firearm industry. The company’s Vudu line branches out into the area of variable-power scopes, and the EOTech Vudu 1-6 x 24 First Focal Plane (FFP) excels.

Enter the EOTech Vudu 1-6 x 24 First Focal Plane (FFP) variable-power scope. I used one on the range recently during the Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous in Montana. While I only had a very limited window to get any hands-on time with it, the Vudu 1-6 FFP seems like a nice option for one’s rifle, and retails at the MSRP of $1,399.

EOTech Vudu 1-6 x 24 Features

The “XC High Density Glass” on the Vudu 1-6 was crystal clear, and the illuminated reticle powered up with the twist of a dial. The eye relief was very generous, and the reticle tracked well in my opinion. It’s powered up by a single CR2032 battery, and according to EOTech’s website, it will last for approximately 500 hours at “room temperature.”

The illuminated reticle powers off after two hours, providing yet another nice option. It seems like a whole lot of scope packed into a 30mm tube.

My favorite attribute of the EOTech Vudu is the magnification dial on the eye piece. Rather than having a small bezel, which is common on most variable-power optics, EOTech decided to change up its game a bit. Moreover, the whole piece moves to allow for better adjustments. Whether it’s bitter cold outside, or you are in the fight for your life, this feature makes it so much easier. You just grab a fist full of scope and turn, it’s as simple as that. When the pucker factor has kicked in, this is by far my favorite feature of the Vudu 1-6 x 24.

EOTech has released this scope with hunters and 3-Gun competitors in mind. This seems like a serious competitor in the marketplace for short- to medium-range applications. Again, this is based upon a brief exposure to the scope; however, there are high hopes for it. I expect to receive an EOTech Vudu 1-6 x 24 FFP for further evaluation and testing, so stay tuned.

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EOTech Vudu 1-6 x 24 FFP Specifications

  • Overall Length: 270mm (10.63 in)
  • Weight w/ Batteries: 570 g (20.1 oz)
  • Actual Magnification: 1x-6x
  • Exit Pupil: 1x @ 11.2 mm (.43 in); 6x @ 2.8 mm (.11 in)
  • Eye Relief: 1x @ 91-101 mm (3.39-4.02 in); 6x @ 90-101 mm (3.46-3.90 in)
  • Actual Field-Of-View: 1x @ 86-100 mm (3.39-4.02 in); 6x @ 88-99 mm (3.46-3.90 in)
  • Field-Of-View at 100 Yards: 1x @ 9.2 m (29.5 ft); 6x @ 1.8 m (5.7 ft)
  • Battery Type: CR2032
  • Battery Life at Room Temp: Approximately 500 hours

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