For 21 years, EOTech has been at the forefront of producing optics for elite operators as well as recreational shooters. The company has led the way in holographic/reflex weapon sights for years, and its products can be seen on rifles around the world. With this history, it is no surprise that EOTech has once again caught the attention of the shooting world with a new line of targeting products. In early 2016, EOTech introduced its Vudu line of magnified precision optics.

EOTech’s Vudu scopes were designed to excel in three different areas: versatility, durability and precision. Many optics excel in one or maybe two of these areas, but EOTech has gone the extra mile to bring an exceptional line to market. All of the scopes in the Vudu line feature first-focal-plane (FFP) reticles for quick ranging in all magnification levels. The reticles are also illuminated, making it easier to take super-long shots well into dusk. This, combined with quality construction, makes the Vudu line a potentially serious player in the precision optics market.

For Any Need

The Vudu line currently consists of three scopes. First up is the 1-6x24mm Vudu, which combines the best features of a reflex sight with the advantages of a variable-magnification riflescope. It features a 30mm tube and a 24mm objective lens. Designed with 3-Gun shooters and serious hunters in mind, the 1-6x24mm Vudu offers a 20-degree field of view in 1X and 3.2 degrees at 6X. This Vudu scope also offers between 80mm and 102mm of eye relief at 1X and 6X, respectively.

The EOTech Speed Ring, a unique addition to the scope, allows for fast target acquisitions at low power while still providing the resolution and accuracy required to tackle longer shots at higher power. Users can adjust windage and elevation in 0.5-MOA or 0.2-mil increments, with a total of 15 mils or 50 MOA. The Speed Ring Lever sticking out from the side quickly becomes a welcomed addition, as it allows for quicker magnification adjustments than traditional rotational levers on the tube. The design makes minor adjustments much easier without having to manhandle the scope. Coming in at just over 10.5 inches and weighing 19.75 ounces, this Vudu scope is a great fit for any rifle.

Next in the lineup is the 2.5-10x44mm Vudu. Designed to allow shooters to reach downrange a little farther, this scope does not disappoint. Perfect for midrange precision shooting, the 2.5-10x44m has a 30mm tube and a 44mm objective lens constructed with EOTech’s extremely clear XC High-Density glass. This allows for excellent light gathering capabilities. The 2.5-10x44mm version has a 20-degree field of view at 2.5X and 3.37 degrees at 10X. The eye relief at 2.5X is 87mm to 97mm and 86mm to 100mm at 10X. Once again, users can adjust windage and elevation in 0.25-MOA or 0.1-mil increments, with a total of 15 mils or 50 MOA.

The last piece of this new optics trio is the 3.5-18x50mm. Built around a 34mm tube and a 50mm objective lens, the 3.5-18x50mm is the long-distance model of the team. It has oversized and precision-machined turrets with an EZ Chek zero-stop feature, which lets you quickly dial adjustments and return to zero, even in low-light conditions. The side-mounted parallax adjustment allows you to dial the reticle focus in for the most difficult long-range shots. This scope’s field of view is 7.92 and 2.02 degrees at 3.5X and 18X, respectively. It offers 86mm to 100mm of eye relief at 3.5X and 87mm to 100mm at 18X. Like the other Vudu scopes, users can adjust windage and elevation in 0.25-MOA or 0.1-mil increments, with a total of 15 mils or 50 MOA.

Reticle Options

The Vudu series’ reticle options are as varied as the shooters running them. For the EOTech Vudu 1-6x24mm, shooters will be able to choose from the SR-1, which resembles the traditional EOTech circle, or the SR-2/SR-3, which have built-in bullet-drop-compensating marks for both .223 and .308 ammunition. For the larger scopes, you can choose the MD-1 in mils or MD-2 with an MOA scale as well as the Horus H59. As mentioned, all models come with illuminated reticles that are controlled via easy-to-use push buttons. A top button turns the reticle on and off while brightness controls are found on the side. One very notable point regarding the illuminated reticle is the battery life. EOTech proudly states that the run time for one battery will last a generous amount of time, well beyond most competitors. One reason for this lifespan is a helpful auto shutoff that powers the reticle down after approximately two hours.

The Vudu line is worth a very close look for anyone who is interested in quality optics without the traditional sticker shock that comes with it. Available from $1,299 to $1,629, EOTech’s Vudu scopes provide a very solid investment for any serious shooter. Add to this EOTech’s lifetime guarantee and these scopes become even more appealing. According to EOTech, “if your product does not perform as promised, we will repair it or replace it with a comparable product for free. This is a forever guarantee regardless of whether you are the original owner. There is no need for proof of ownership or a warranty card.” All of this from a company whose name has been synonymous with the shooting world for over two decades.

If you’re ready to make the long shot but would like to have a little extra something on your side to make it happen, it’s time to bring some Vudu to the plate.

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