EOTech makes a lot of great optics. One of our favorites is the EOTech 512. During the 2018 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous in Montana, we got range time with the new EOTech XPS2 Green model, and the results were impressive.

EOTech XPS2 Green Features

Firstly, the clear benefits of the EOTech XPS2 Green center around the green reticle option. It adds versatility to the latest in EOTech’s now long line of HWS platforms. As such, the company claims this version of the reticle is six times easier to see than red in daytime.

But it’s also the design of the reticle within a large viewing window, that continues to make HWS sights a popular choice.

“The EOTech Holographic Weapon System offers significant advantages over a traditional red dot system,” said EOTech’s James Lawson. “The first is that the extra large viewing window offers you eyes wide open shooting, which allows the shooter to maintain peripheral vision and situational awareness in dynamic shooting situations.

“The second advantage that this sight offers is that we utilize a reticle with a large ring and a precise aiming dot in the center,” Lawson added. “That allows your eye to acquire the reticle under duress much faster than you would a traditional red dot system that just utilizes a single aiming point. That fine reticle also prevents obscuring the target, which allows for a lot more precise shot placement over a traditional single-dot system.”

Going Green

But when using the optic in bright, daytime conditions, it’s impossible to ignore the benefits of the green reticle. Stated simply, the human eye picks it up quickly, and the shots break sooner.

“The third advantage of these systems is that we offer a green reticle versus a red,” Lawson explained. “Green’s important because the human eye can acquire a green reticle about five times faster than you can a red. So when seconds count, you’re able to get on target faster and engage the target faster, rather than searching for that dot and that red aiming point inside the viewing window.”

The EOTech XPS2 operates on a single 123 lithium battery. Also, the XPS2 is water resistant up to 10 feet. Also, the EOTech XPS2 is the smallest, most compact HWS to date. Moreover, the unit’s small size saves room for additional iron sights or magnifiers, which speaks to the versatility of the platform itself. For even more info, please visit

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