The GPO Spectra comes loaded with features for long-range and hunting pursuits.

German Precision Optics (GPO) just announced the release of three new riflescopes to its line of premium optics. The GPO SPECTRA adds 8X riflescope models designed to deliver performance in the field.

GPO SPECTRA Riflescopes

The GPO SPECTRA utilizes top-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail in the manufacturing process, according to GPO. Each scope includes a 30mm main tube and proprietary GPObright high-transmission lens coating technology. The scopes come with iControl illumination technology, PASSIONdrop hydrophobic exterior lens coatings and a double HD glass objective lens. Models in the 8X line include SPECTRA 1-8x24i, 2-16x44i and 2.5-20x50i.

The super-premium 30mm 1-8x24i comprises a versatile system, up to even dangerous game pursuits. An extremely wide field of view combines with a daylight/lowlight capable red dot. A G4i reticle helps achieve fast target acquisition and accurate shot placement, according to GPO. A versatile 1-8X magnification range proves a solid choice for hunting in thick cover out to extended distances.

Both the 2-16x44i and 2.5-20x50i models serve well in the field, even during the harshest lighting conditions, according to GPO. Oversized objective lenses, along with the GPObight multi-coatings, ensure good light transmission. The low 2X magnification serves well for up close hunting and shooting. Meanwhile, the 16X range with the GPO BRi reticle provides versatility. The G4i reticle gives optional illumination in the center portion of the crosshair. It also features illuminated holdover markers for long-range shooting in low light.

The 2.5-2050i model features a G4i reticle with illuminated red dot in the center crosshair. Meanwhile, the large 50mm objective lens transmits the most available light. A 20X top-end magnification provides precision shooting on targets at extended ranges.

More Features

The line also includes modernized hunting turrets. The system provides a ballistic turret for easy dialing. However, it also protects from the elements as a capped ballistic turret. The system features a low-profile knob with easy-to-read numbers. The aluminum cap fits snugly over the top.

All SPECTRA riflescopes run on CR2032 battery power. Retail prices start at $1,199.99. For even more info, please visit

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