The new GPO SPECTRA 6X riflescope line fills many shooting pursuits.

German Precision Optics (GPO) just released its newest riflescope line, dubbed the SPECTRA 6X. The GPO SPECTRA comprises six new riflescopes, delivering on a wide range of shooting pursuits.

German Precision Optics SPECTRA 6X

The SPECTRA line features a 30mm main tube and proprietary GPObright lens coating technology. Each optic comes with iControl illumination technology. Meanwhile, PASSIONdrop hydrophobic exterior lens coatings and a double HD glass objective lens deliver more upgrades. Variants include 1-6x24i, 1,5-9x32i, 1,5-9x44i, 2-12x44i, 2-12x50i, and 3-18x56i.

Both the SPECTRA 1-2x24I and 1.5-9x32i riflescopes come compact and lightweight. Magnification ranges from 1X to 9X between the pair. They deliver quick shooting on fast-moving targets and excel at close range. The duo offers a choice between a 24mm and 32mm objective lens diameter. The GPO G4i reticle enhances fast and accurate shot placements. The SPECTRA1.5-9x44i also offers a wide magnification range. But it brings a 44mm objective lens for better light gathering. The GPO G4i Drop reticle helps with precise, long-range shooting.

For medium- and long-range shooting, the SPECTRA 2-12x44i and 2-12x50i feature 2X to 12X magnification. They come with a choice between the BRWi ballistic reticle or the G4i. Shooters can choose between a 44mm or 50mm object lens as well. The SPECTRA 3-18x56i features a massive 56mm objective lens and the GPO BRi reticle. It comes with illuminated holderover markers.

GPO’s proprietary iCONTROL illumination system adjusts between lighting conditions. It automatically powers down the illumination when stationary for more than three hours. It also alerts the user when battery reaches 15-percent power remaining.

The SPECTRA 6X line features solid, one-piece tubes, dust-proof, water-proof and nitrogen filled. They offer constant point-of-impact, according to GPO. Retail prices range from $799 to $1,099. With models designed to meet nearly any shooting pursuit, and at an affordable price, the SPECTRA rates a hard look. For even more info, please visit

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