Hawke Optics Red Dot and Reflex Dot Sights are affordable and feature a 3 MOA dot.

Optic technology continues to advance at a rapid pace. More than ever before, numerous companies offer a wide range of glass to fit seemingly every need. Better still, the competitive market continues to become exceedingly more affordable as well. Now Hawke Optics just launched new Red Dot and Reflex Dot Sights for shooters.

Hawke Optics Red Dot & Reflex Dot Sights

The Endurance Red Dot Sights and new Reflex Dot Sights all come with a 3 MOA red dot. Models come suited to fit AR-style rifles, hunting long guns and even handguns.

Endurance Red Dot sights feature eight-stage digital brightness controls. The system enables shooters to match lighting and shooting conditions. The sights come in either a 25mm or 30mm tube size. Each features 25-layer, multi-coated optics and remain parallax free from 10 yards. The optics ship with two Weaver-style bases: low mount for shotguns and pistols, quick-detach high mount for co-witness AR irons.

The line of Reflex includes models to work with handguns, shotguns and AR-style rifles and pistols, according to Hawke Optics. Each model features a 3 MOA red dot. Meanwhile, the Micro Reflex Dot fits many optics-ready pistols. Like the red dots, the reflex sights feature 25-layer, multi-coated optics and eight brightness settings. The one-piece aluminum platform also includes a detachable Weaver base.

Prices range from $99 to $250. For more information, go to the Hawke Optics website.

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