The Holosun X2 series of pistol optics features updated technologies to make for easier use afield.

Optics-ready pistols remain one of the hotter trends in the firearm industry. Whether for duty, open division competition or carry optics, shooter of all sorts are turning to small reflex sights mounted on their pistols. Now Holosun updates its line of reflex sights with the X2 series.

Holosun X2 Series Pistol Optics

Holosun based the X2 series on its previously popular V2 series of optics. Now new technologies deliver upgrades, increasing control and tactical abilities in the field, according to Holosun.

The X2 series incorporates updated programming, improving both performance and usability. A new Lock Mode prevents unintentional setting changes while carrying the firearm. A critical component to the design, the Lock Mode ensure settings never inadvertently change, keeping the optic duty-ready at all times.

Adapted from the company’s 2018-2019 L/M (Law Enforcement Model) pistol optics, Lock Mode now incorporates a new button configuration. The new design delivers easier control of settings and prevents unwanted setting changes.

X2 Series pistol optics also feature Holosun’s side-mounted battery. The design helps make battery replacement quick and easy. Meanwhile, Solar Failsafe and Shake Awake technologies keep the optic running.

Holosun says the HS507C and HS507K X2 are shipping now. The remaining line will begin shipping in the coming weeks. For more information, visit

Holosun X2 Series Optics

  • HS407C X2: $282.34
  • HE407C-GR X2: $299.99
  • HS407CO X2: $317.64
  • HS507C X2: $399.99
  • HE507C-GR X2: $399
  • HE508T-RD X2: $435.28
  • HS407K X2: $258.81
  • HS507K X2: $341.16

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