Meprolight recently introduced app support and integration for its Foresight electro-optic line. The technical upgrade provides the Foresight the ability to save weapon profiles, zero data and more.

Meprolight Foresight Details

Meprolight infused the sight with the latest optic technology, offering a heads-up display. It provides key operation data and allows shooter to easily zero and store up to ten zeroing profiles for ten different guns. This includes loadouts, regardless of caliber, according to Meprolight.

“The Foresight leverages our decades of battleground-proven experience and gives shooters an easy-to-use optic to enhance their shooting experience,” said Bill Yerby, General Manager and VP of Sales and Marketing for Meprolight USA. “It’s a great addition to our portfolio as we continue to expand our world-renowned innovation to US civilians.”

Additionally, the optic features a large selection of recticles. Meanwhile, the window displays battery life, a digital compass, sight leveler and brightness adjustment. It has a rechargeable battery via USB-C and a Bluetooth interface for the Meprolight mobile app. The app comes in both iOS and Android.

The Mepro Foresight App adds several high-tech features.

“The Foresight mounts to a Picatinny rail,” said Yerby. “The sight can be removed and exchanged between firearms without having to re-zero. It’s really that easy. It acts like the HUD as seen in popular first-or-third person video game shooters.”

Meprolight says additional features are forthcoming through free software updates. Updates will include a shot counter display, tracking number of rounds fired, as well as rounds remaining in a pre-defined magazine. A future pairing with the Double Shoot app will enable the optic to be automatically zeroed after shooting specific paper targets.

It’s a pretty slick optic. For more information, please visit

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