Do you ever wonder if the gear you buy is truly tough enough? Can it stand up to the rigorous demands of a life afield. Whether for hunting, duty, competition or defense, our firearms and the accompanying accessories must stand up to abuse. During the recent SHOT Show in Las Vegas, we caught up Nightforce Optics, where we caught a glimpse of a part of the company’s testing protocol.

Nightforce Optics Endurance Testing

“So this is part of our test and evaluation criteria,” explained Nightforce’s Chad Brunt. “Our scopes that go through production, we test them before they go out the door. … We have our collimator, which is basically a reference grid. And we’re looking through the riflescope. We have a camera set up, it’s looking through the riflescope.

During the demo, Nighforce personnel beat the scope, on different planes, against a post. After each beating, the scope is returned to the collimator, checking the scope for repeatability and tracking after impact.

“This is a steel post with rubber, so that we don’t mar the scope, because we do send these out,” Brunt said. “So this is done right before we send these out to you guys who purchase them.”

We also got the chance to check out to new optics from the company’s NX8 riflescope line. For long-range and tactical shooters, Nightforce introduced a 2.5-20x50mm and 4-32x50mm, giving distance shooters two great options.

“Really when we designed these, our goal was short and light weight,” Brunt said. “So we have our ATACR for the guys who want the highest level of optical performance. These were for guys that still want a great image, but want something that is shorter and lighter.”

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