Primary Arms adds Night Vision and accessories to their product lineup
Photo: Primary Arms

Primary Arms recently added night vision and accessories to its listing of over 15,000 products. The company has been providing firearms and firearm accessories since 2008 with a robust catalog from over 500 brands. 

Primary Arms Night Vision and Accessories

Catering to both consumer and professional customers, Primary Arms will now be offering a selection of 3rd generation night vision units, mounts, and IR accessories. This expansion comes as a result of the increasing popularity of night vision among civilian gun owners.

Primary Arms has added a large selection of products to choose from, further accommodating the increased demand. Now available in this new category are monoculars, binoculars, IR illumination/aiming devices, helmets, mounts, and more.

Primary Arms is adding products from the industry’s top manufacturers to provide customers with the broadest selection.

“Night vision is a growing category for both the tactical and hunting communities. As the technology becomes more affordable, Primary Arms will bring on new and exciting night vision devices—as well as IR illuminators, lasers, and accessories,” says Matt Okun, Senior Merchandising Manager of Primary Arms. “Already, we’re stocking many of the industry’s top manufacturers, making it easy for our customers to find a setup that fits their desired application.”

Primary Arms also added RNVG, DTNVS, and PVS-14 options with both thin-filmed white or green intensifier tubes in the housing category. Professional customers enjoy a larger selection with the inclusion of L3Harris AN/PVS-31A and L3 GPNVG Panoramic NVG systems. Offering full-power and civilian lasers and illuminators, they now carry most options from Steiner, L3Harris, and B.E. Meyers. The mounts category now offers a selection of Wilcox Industries helmet mounts with both black and FDE finishes.

To find out more information or to search their online catalog of night vision and accessories, make sure to visit them at

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