When looking at the Pulsar Trail XP50, or any thermal optics, there are serious factors to consider.

Anyone with significant field time understands that the advantages afforded by a piece of equipment must also match its convenience. Whether a hunter or a soldier, you cannot afford to carry gear that offers too little reward relative to its weight or consumption of space on your rifle or in your rucksack.

Additionally, equipment that affords specific technological features must have fluid user interfaces. Obviously, simpler is better. But more importantly, because the environments in which this equipment will be used is typically rugged, the end-user will be fatigued and less patient. For these reasons, gear that might be technically impressive becomes dead weight if it is not user-friendly in the field.

Trail XP50 Features

Firing it at the recent Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous, Pulsar’s XP50 is a quality, high-end thermal optic. It effortlessly utilizes a technological interface we are all familiar with: the smartphone.

The highlighted feature of the XP is its ability to transmit a real-time image via Wi-Fi to your phone or tablet. This allows hunters or snipers to establish a hide, and leave the gun fixed on specific terrain without the discomfort of needing to be directly behind their rifle to identify targets.

The XP50 also possesses other features that are streamlined for ease of use in the field. A built-in gyroscope informs when the gun is canting beyond five degrees. It presents the shooter with an arrow pointing in the direction of tilt.

Multiple saved zeroing options and a quick-swap battery back provide ease-of-mind operations in difficult terrain.

At $5,500 MSRP, the Trail XP50 may be beyond the grasp of some enthusiasts. Regardless, the XP50’s features and user-friendly interface represent a shift towards thermal optics with enhanced technical abilities, minus the need to learn complex systems.

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