The handheld Sector Optics T20X provides tremendous utility in the field for $1,000.

I love to play with thermal scopes. I use them to look for insulation leaks, track wounded animals and spot coyotes before anyone sees them lurking in high brush. The hand-held Sector Optics T20X Thermal Imager provides an affordable optic for most pursuits.

Sector Optics T20X Thermal Imager

My first introduction to thermal cameras was 20 years ago when three of us would hike in near the U.S./Mexico border with a camera, a tripod and 60 pounds worth of batteries. Since then I have discovered the joys of handheld units. No, you cannot zoom 10 miles to pick up a guy with a load of drugs on his back, but you can track a wounded animal during a hunt, figure out which cars have been running in the last hour during a surveillance, or see clearly where your insulation isn’t sufficient in each room of your house.

Sector Optics produces a range of thermal cameras. Its introductory hand-held model, the T20X Thermal Imager is less than 3 inches long so it will fit in your pocket. It zooms from 3 to 5.5X and can be used in white hot, black hot, green or color modes. It can be used as a handheld device or it can be mounted on a gun using a 30mm scope ring and of course it has reticles that can be adjusted so you can sight in your miniature thermal scope and make it a thermal weapon scope. The T20X runs for approximately four hours on a single CR2 battery, but it has a motion sensor to shut it down when not in use. MSRP is right at $1,000, so you won’t have to sell your car to be the guy with the coolest toy at hunting camp this year.

At $1,000, the Sector Optics T20X Thermal Imager provides a tremendous advantage. For even more info, please visit

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