Obviously known for its firearms, SIG Sauer has also emerged as a major player in the world of optics. Within its Electro Optics lines reside contract-winning riflescopes and reflex sights. Meanwhile, the BDX series is already changing the way we thing about an optics package. During SHOT Show, we caught a sneak peak of its latest reflex sight: the SIG ROMEO 2.

SIG ROMEO 2 Details

“This ROMEO 2 will have 15 brightness settings. It has an integrated rear sight to co-witness with a front suppressor-height sight,” said SIG Sauer’s John Nichols. “It’s got a toolless battery tray, so basically push this rear button in the back and the battery tray will pop out under spring tension. You got a 2032 side-loading battery in there to give about 25,000 hours of battery life.”

At first glance, the most impressive upgrades with the ROMEO 2 center around its versatility. With multiple shrouds included, users can dictate how light or how protected they run the optic; this gives operators and civilians alike tremendous flexibility in their optic setup.

“So you can run it like a traditional open reflex sight to save a little bit of weight if you’re running it in competition or just shooting at the range,” Nichols explained. “You can run it with the half shroud, which offers quite a bit of protection and still leaves an open reflex sight kind of profile. And the third option is to run it with this full, steel protective shroud, which has a polycarbonate window in the rear. And it seals it up, so basically there’s no way you can get any dirt, dust, water, anything on the emitter area from the rear. It completely seals it up, so you’ve kind of an enclosed reflex sight.”

If it performs to level we’ve come to expect from SIG, the ROMEO 2 is sure to be a winner. Hopefully, we’ll get a proper field test done real soon. The official release date is still TBD, but slated for 2020. For more information, visit

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