Sightmark Latitude Rifle Scope testing, lead
(Photo by Sean Utley)

In 2019, I was at the annual Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous, and with the snow gently falling I sat down with a .300 Win Mag and Kevin Reese from Sightmark to shoot a target a mile away. At the more recent 2020 Rendezvous, he had me dinging steel at 1,800 yards with a 300 PRC with far more ease than last year. I am not normally a long-range shooter, so it had to be the equipment and Kevin’s ability as a spotter. This year’s equipment included the Sightmark Latitude 6.5-25×56 PRS Riflescope.

Sightmark Latitude 6.25-25x56mm PRS Details

Kevin explained the Latitude PRS (Precision Rifle Scope) comes with 6.25 to 25 magnification, a 56mm objective and 34mm tube. The mount was a ZRO Delta DLOCK M4 and the action was an Alamo Precision Rifle on a McCree BR15 chassis. The trigger was a beautiful Timney 520-CE Calvin Elite Custom, and it had a rock solid Accu-Tac FC-G2 bipod.

Sightmark has been around for a little over a decade and established itself as a new scope maker using the latest technology for high quality, yet affordable glass. They built a brand new facility in Texas in 2011. They queried shooters from all backgrounds about the features that were the most important and then refined their designs. The Latitude 6.25-25x56mm PRS riflescope was designed with the long-range competitor in mind and comes with a host of features.

It is a first focal plane scope. That alone typically means it will cost way over $1,000. First focal plane is important for using the reticle to quickly estimate range as well as for use as hold over no matter what magnification setting you are using. The illuminated reticle has five brightness settings for red and green. The reticle is etched, so it does not need to be illuminated during daylight conditions. The reticle is a Mil-Dash, which is nicer than mil-dot because it obscures less of your target.

Zero Stop Elevation Feature

The PRS has a zero stop elevation dial. While this may not be a big deal to hunters, it is very important in competition. When transitioning back from a long-range shot, it is nice to be able to simply dial the scope back down to its original sight-in distance without looking at the turret and lining up the hash marks. It is also handy if you get “lost” on the come-ups and need to dial back to zero to start over.

Sightmark Latitude Rifle Scope testing, knob
(Photo by Sean Utley)

The target turrets sit up nicely and the adjustments have solid, tactile clicks. The diopter can be locked when it is set up to your eye, and the parallax adjustment runs from zero to infinity. The 34mm tube has become the norm in precision rifle competitions because the larger tube means more travel distance for the adjustments inside, and you can dial out farther. Anyone who has ever run out of adjustment in a scope knows how frustrating it can be when your gun is capable of shooting farther and more accurately but your scope won’t adjust anymore.

Finally, Sightmark offers a lifetime warranty. It comes IP67 rated waterproof, and it withstands recoil up to .50 BMG. These are the features that most precision rifle competitors want in their scope. But the best part is the price point. The Latitude 6.5-25x56mm PRS goes for $840. It sounds too good to be true, but I can tell you from experience that it works great. Even at 1,800 yards with mirage, the field of view was wide enough. I easily found the target, then zoomed in for precision shot. If you put it on a quality rifle and use good ammo, the rest is up to you. For more information, please visit

Sightmark Latitude Specs
  • First focal plane PRS reticle
  • Oversized adjustment turrets
  • Zero stop elevation dial
  • Locking, fast focus eyepiece
  • 34mm single-piece tube
  • Red/green illuminated reticle
  • 4:1 zoom ratio
  • Scratch-resistant lens
  • Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Waterproof, fogproof and shockproof
  • MSRP: $839.99

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