The Steiner Cinder Thermal Sight mounts to rifles or works handheld to identify targets.

Whether you stand watch or hunt coyotes on a distant ridge, finding your target in the dark remains challenging. The new Steiner Cinder Thermal Sight helps harness modern technology to see those targets.

Steiner Cinder Thermal Sight

The Cinder works as both a rifle-mounted optic or handheld unit. It works during day or night, and even in poor weather, according to Steiner. It includes Wi-Fi video streaming and recoil-activated video recording.

The Cinder offers 320×240 thermal resolution with enhanced operation. It utilizes an optical stabilized and shutterless thermal imaging core and advanced imaging processing from a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU. All images broadcast on an 800×600 pixel full color OLED display. The Cinder also streams to Wi-Fi devices, including smartphones and tablets using the Cinder app or through analog video-out port.

Record every shot taken with the Recoil Activated Video (RAC) feature. It automatically saves video from a few seconds before and after the sight detects weapon recoil. It can also geo-tag images with a built-in GPS. A Stadiametric rangefinding reticle allows distance estimation for known-size targets. The Cinder also features picture-in-picture digital zoom for more utility.

The Cinder enables customizing output color via 210 differing color palettes. It helps targets stand out in color with the remaining background appearing grey. Grain control and precise contrast selectivity hep further define targets.

The optic’s SureShot feature helps make sight-in easy. After the first shot users simply adjust one of five different crosshair reticles. Re-connect to Wi-Fi to upgrade firmware as available as well. The Cinder retails for $4,399.99. For even more info, please visit

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