Shooters can now tune their rifle and load data to Trijicon Custom Adjustable Turrets.

Trijicon just announced the release of a new accessory designed to get the most precision out of its scopes. New Trijicon Custom Adjustable Turrets maximize precision adjustments in Trijicon riflescopes. The turrets feature precision elevation adjusters with laser-engraved adjustable turrets.

Trijicon Custom Adjustable Turrets

The turrets come built-to-order by Kenton Industries. They are available for specific Trijicon riflescope models featuring exposed elevation adjusters. Shooter can choose from Speed Dial, Long Range Hunter, or Military configurations.

Tailored to the user’s unique ballistics and environmental factors, the custom turrets eliminate the need to convert clicks to distance. Shooters simply range the target, dial the correct yardage noted on the turret, and send it. The custom turrets feature easy-to-read numbering for quick, intuitive adjustments, according to Trijicon. They come to fit nearly 20 different models across the Credo, Tenmile, AccuPoint, Credo HX and Tenmile HX families.

Shooters can start building their custom turret by following the appropriate link on product web pages. Or go straight to The design process proves quick and easy, according to Trijicon. Users simply select their scope model and preferred yardage display format. Then select the bullet and environmental data from the pulldown menus. Then Kenton Industries does the rest. In the end, shooters get a turret designed specifically for the chosen rifle/load combo.

With the increase in long-range shooting and interest in competition, this product comes right on time. For even more info, please visit

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