Packed with an incredible array of features, the digital, hand-held Zeiss DTI 3/35 rules the night.

Whether nighttime predator hunting, securing a perimeter or checking out the bump in the night, identifying target remains paramount. We’re not only morally and ethically responsible for every round sent downrange, but legally as well. To help see anything that might come, the Zeiss DTI 3/35 thermal imaging camera brings tremendous capability in a hand-held unit.

Zeiss DTI 3/35 Thermal Imaging Camera

The DTI 3/35 comprises Zeiss’ first foray into a thermal imaging camera, marketed specifically for hunting. But its list of features shows it should work well for multiple applications. It features a high-resolution display for detailed images.

“The combination of high-contrast images in the dark with intuitive and ergonomic operation makes ZEISS thermal imaging technology the perfect choice for predator and feral hog hunting,” said Kyle Brown, Director of Marketing/Product at ZEISS Consumer Products for Carl Zeiss SBE, LLC. “As a result, we make it possible for hunters to accurately identify their target, even in poor lighting conditions, turning night into day.”

Control button arrangement make the optic intuitive to use, according to Zeiss. The design accommodates use in the dark, cold or when wearing gloves.

A high-precision manual zoom features precise adjustment in 0.5X increments. The digital 1-4X zoom offers a balance between magnification and detail recognition, according to Zeiss. It allows the user to quickly switch between zoom levels.

With the Zeiss Hunting app, users can transfer and share data, photos and videos. The thermal imaging camera data transfers to smartphone via cable or WLAN. You can even live-stream the action.

The Zeiss DTI 3/35 retails for $2,999.99. For even more information, visit

Zeiss DTI 3/35 Specs

  • Focal Range: 35mm
  • Lens Type: Germanium
  • Range: 1,350 yards
  • Optical Magnification: 2.5
  • Maximum Digital Zoom: 4X
  • Resolution Sensor: 384x288px
  • Frame Rate: 50 Hz
  • Resolution of Display: 1280x960px
  • Display Type: LCOS
  • Interface: USB (Charging, Data), WLAN (Data)
  • Battery Type: Li-Ion
  • Battery Run Time: 7 hours
  • Internal Storage: 15 GB
  • Operating Temperature Range: 14-104 degrees F
  • Overall Weight: 15.87 ounces
  • MSRP: $2,999.99

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