Otis Technology Ripcord

A new weapon maintenance tool for 2014 is the Ripcord from Otis Technology. This one-pass cleaning tool is available in common handgun and rifle calibers (with more coming) and offers 360-degree barrel cleaning from end-to-end. The Otis Technology Ripcord has 8-32 threaded ends for accommodating additional Otis cleaning components. For those who are familiar with the Otis MSR/AR Cleaning System and BONE Tool for 5.56mm rifles, this series has been expanded to the 7.62mm market for 2014. The7.62mm BONE will also be sold separately. Additionally, stepping outside of being known for quality cleaning supplies, Otis Technology has also introduced the MSRS, a 6061-T6, two-piece, free-floating rail for the MSR/AR/M4 platforms that mounts to a standard barrel nut. For more information, visit otisgun.com.

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