Pachmayr, a division of Lyman Products, is a well-established name in recoil mitigating grips and pads, and the company has just released the wood laminate Renegade and a growing line of nearly indestructible G10 panels.

The Renegade grip is composed of beautiful wood laminate and is available in charcoal-silver tone, charcoal and rosewood, either smooth or checkered, for S&W J-, K-, L-, and N-Frame revolvers.

For semi-automatic pistols, the Renegade grips are available with checkering in either rosewood or charcoal-silver tone to fit a wide variety of handguns from 1911 models to Sig Sauer, Beretta, Ruger and CZ.

Pachmayr’s new G10 grips are formed of resin hardened in layers to form composite panels, with complementary tints added to each layer so that milling them into their final shape and texture reveals a visually rich grain.

The colors create some captivating patterns. For texture, the extremely course new “Grappler” utilizes raised rectangles defined by deep grooves, and are themselves grooved to add further grip-enhancing texture.

The G10 grips come in a grey-black color scheme as well as green-black, with textures including the Grappler and finer-textured options.

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