Paradigm SRP Talon Universal Weapons Mount
Paradigm SRP Debuts Talon Universal Weapons Mount

The Talon, designed for precision shooting applications from moving and stationary platforms, is suitable for helicopter use and equally capable from ground vehicles, boats, and static emplacements.

The Talon is the only unit of its kind specifically designed with advanced stabilization technology for sniper and marksman applications.

Lightweight, compact and portable, the Talon is easily mounted and removed from any vehicle. It is designed for semi-automatic rifles up to 300WM and uses the operator’s weapon and scope, with a typical accuracy of 6 feet at 300-yards.

Pinpoint precision is achieved by incorporating state of the art mil-spec gyros, high speed servos and advanced circuitry into a precision machined two-axis turret.

Paradigm SRP’s MEMS gyros send out digital attitude data to the high speed servo motors via a custom engineered and programmed circuit board — this allows stabilization correction solutions to be made thousands of times per second.

The Talon features MIL-SPEC cables and connectors and offers stand-alone power capability. It also provides video outputs for downlinking and recording.

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