Pelican ProGear iM3300RFL iM3300SGN
The Pelican ProGear iM3300RFL Rifle Case (top) and iM3300SGN Shotgun Case (bottom)

Rifle and shotgun owners have two new dependable options to transport their firearms.

Pelican Products, Inc. has unveiled the Pelican ProGear iM3300RFL Case for sporting rifles and the Pelican ProGear iM3300SGN Case for shotguns.

Both models are built inside the tough iM3300 Pelican Storm Case.

The Pelican ProGear iM3300RFL Case features a universal foam set designed to fit and secure a wide range of bolt action rifle models with optics and accessories.

Additionally, the Pelican ProGear iM3300SGN Case is built with a precision molded utility foam set that secures and protects the majority of stock semi-automatic and pump-action shotguns and some related accessories.

Like all Pelican Storm Cases, the Pelican ProGear iM3300RFL Case and Pelican ProGear iM3300SGN Case both sport a high-performance HPX polymer construction to protect sensitive equipment from harsh weather conditions.  They also feature strong Press & Pull latches to ensure that the case stays secure in rough situations.

Additional features include a lid equipped with a polymer o-ring for a dust and watertight seal and an automatic pressure equalization Vortex valve that stops moisture from entering the case and prevents vacuum-lock so the case opens easily at any altitude.

The Pelican ProGear iM3300RFL Case and the Pelican ProGear iM3300SGN Case are backed by Pelican’s Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence. Both cases retail for $417.40.

For more information on the iM3300RFL and iM3300SGN cases and other products from Pelican ProGear, please visit

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