The prolific Mike Detty is back, but he’s not in his usual stomping grounds in the Sonoran Desert near Tucson, Ariz. No, this time, the Athlon Outdoors contributor made the three-hour trek to the Cowtown Range in Peoria to test the MAXFLO 3D, an innovative new suppressor by NG2 Defense, on some POF-USA rifles, including the Revolution, a lightweight .308 rifle built on an AR-15 platform. So how did this awesome opportunity come about? We’ll let the man himself explain.

“At the 2017 NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta I was talking with Frank DeSomma, owner and founder of POF-USA. I had just completed an article on his brand new Revolution—a .308 semi-auto rifle built on an AR-15 platform. It’s a gun so innovative that many of the 5.56 parts are used and the rifle is as light and fast handling as any AR-15! As we spoke a familiar face interrupted us. It was Scott McGregor, and he was holding a MAXFLO 3D suppressor in his hands.

“I had seen McGregor at a trade show earlier in the year and he warned me that the new company he was working for, NG2 Defense, was going to have an earth-shattering product soon. As we chatted, McGregor unscrewed the suppressor’s back plate and withdrew its radical internal baffle system and handed it to DeSomma.

“He stood in awe as he turned the MAXFLO 3D’s baffle sleeve over in his hand and finally said, “I have to tell you-I have spent my entire adult life in aerospace engineering and fabrication and what you have here is a masterpiece. I have never seen such well executed and intricate machining. When can I shoot it?”

Well, Detty and McGregor got their chance three weeks later. At Cowtown, they wore out a POF-USA 416—a select fire, piston drive 5.56 gun with a 10.5” barrel—as well as a select fire P308 with a 12.5” barrel and the new Revolution with the same length barrel.

Watch the video above to see Detty rocking out these POF rifles equipped with NG2’s MAXFLO 3D suppressor. Stay tuned for his full review coming up in the November/December 2017 issue of “Tactical Weapons.” To subscribe to that magazine, visit

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