PolyCase Ammunition’s ARX ammo is truly the definition of “next-gen.”

Now PolyCase and Ruger have teamed up for the first ever Ruger-branded ARX ammunition.

The new Ruger line of ammunition will feature PolyCase’s injection molded copper/polymer ARX projectiles. Initial offerings will be chambered in .380 Auto, 9mm Luger, .40 S&W and .45 Auto.

PolyCase’s flagship product, the ARX bullet, is designed to be a highly effective self-defense bullet. Uniquely engineered for maximum hydraulic displacement and terminal energy transfer to targets, the non-expanding PolyCase ARX bullet transfers energy to target through a fluid dynamic energy transfer process.

Upon impact with a target, the grooves on the surface of the ARX bullet cause fluid-filled tissue to be compressed, accelerated and forcefully displaced, resulting in a wound channel that rivals expanding projectiles.

The fluid displacement effect of the ARX creates significant wound channels, while ensuring that the bullet is dumping the most energy into the target to avoid over-penetration.

All of the ARX calibers penetrate to the FBI-recommended penetration depths of between 12-18 inches in 10 percent ballistic ordnance gelatin, and each creates a significant wound cavity in the process.

Because the design does not rely on expansion to transfer terminal energy, the ARX also avoids problems that plague some hollow-point designs such as failure to expand due to low velocity or clogging with clothing, feed ramp issues, and loss of retained bullet weight due to separation of the jacket and core.

For more information on the new Ruger line of ARX projectiles and other products from PolyCase, please visit

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