PowerTech Solstar Smart LightTM solo
PowerTech Introduces Hands-Free Solstar Smart LightTM


PowerTech Solstar Smart LightTM solo
PowerTech Introduces Hands-Free Solstar Smart LightTM

The following is a release from PowerTech, Inc.

PowerTech, Inc., manufacturer of Smith & Wesson brand flashlights, announces the debut of its innovative, auto-adjusting headlamp – the Solstar Smart LightTM. The first in the Solstar series, the Smart Light features both automatically and manually adjustable brightness to provide perfect lighting for any situation.

The Solstar Smart LightTM uses hands free Distance Seeking Sensor (DSSTM) Technology to offer ideal brightness and illumination in virtually any environment.

Featuring both a powerful 185 Lumen white CREE LED and two red Nichia LEDs for night vision, the Smart Light automatically adjusts its brightness levels depending on the distance to be illuminated. Maximum brightness for hiking trails, bicycle riding and emergency situations, while the Smart Light will automatically dim down to a more appropriate 20 lumens for closer range needs such as chart and map reading.

Users can also “lock in” the brightness level manually to disable the automatic dimming feature when necessary.

The Solstar Smart LightTM was designed for both outdoor enthusiasts and professionals needing hands free illumination. It features interior double ridging to allow for use in extreme heat or wet conditions, a dual button system for ease of use, and a light-weight, impact resistant body. It is powered by easy- to-find and replace AAA batteries, which are included along with a deluxe, adjustable nylon strap.

The Solstar Smart LightTM is the ideal personal hands-free lighting solution, available today through dealers, online retailers and sporting goods stores with a MSRP of $59.99.

For more information, visit SWflashlights.com.

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