PPSS Slash and Needle Resistant Gloves
PPSS Develops Slash and Needle Resistant Gloves


PPSS continues to come through on its promise of keeping frontline and law enforcement professionals safe.

One of the company’s newest additions are the Slash and Needle Resistant Gloves.

The 2015 range of PPSS Slash and Needle Resistant Gloves are being manufactured using our PPSS’ own high-performance cut-resistant fabric Cut-Tex PRO, offering tested and certified cut protection to those operating in higher risk environments.

The Cut-Tex PRO provides excellent cut resistance to BS EN 388:2003 Level 5 (the highest level possible).

The PPSS Slash and Needle Resistant Gloves consist of amazing durability, even after washing and regular wear. They are also lightweight and comfortable.

PPSS’ gloves are Latex-free, meaning they can be worn against the skin.

While PPSS offers its Slash and Needle Resistant Gloves with a specific range, the company is willing to design, develop and manufacture specialized, bespoke cut resistant gloves, based on individual needs, specifications and operational duties and risks.

For more information on the Slash and Needle Resistant Gloves and other products from PPSS, please visit PPSS-group.com or email [email protected]

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