In the upcoming November/December 2014 issue of TACTICAL WEAPONS, author Nick Jacobellis goes behind the scenes with Gear Up, a company Tim Ralston started to offer preppers products built to withstand the apocalypse.

Jacobellis writes, “When it comes to tactical rides that are ideally suited for use in off-road and extreme wilderness conditions, including in a survival situation, Tim Ralston of the Gear Up brand of self-reliance products is the person to contact.

“Ralston’s U.S. military-surplus, 2.5-ton M35 truck, commonly known as the ‘deuce and a half,’ once served as a medical unit transportation vehicle and has now been retrofitted. From a survival perspective, the Gear Up deuce and a half is the ultimate form of transportation because this multi-fuel vehicle has a 6×6, five-speed manual transmission and a 55-gallon fuel tank. Inside the cab of the truck are a set of bucket seats with shocks, a lockable console compartment that contains an engine cut-off switch, a lockable dashboard compartment for a handgun, a new heater, a set of pneumatic windshield wipers and fold-down front windows. The original soft top on this remodeled ex-military vehicle has also been replaced with a custom-made hardtop.

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“Ralston has used the available space of the ‘medical box’ at the rear of the truck wisely. Inside this compartment you will find a 35-gallon, fresh-water storage container, a running sink with drainage, a 24-volt water pump, a toilet, a 20-gallon waste tank, a refrigerator, an 18,000 BTU air conditioning and heating system, an industrial inverter, storage space for food and other supplies, a lockable cabinet for ammunition storage, bunk beds for two people, a gun rack, a sniper hole, a carpeted floor, interior lighting, a custom-made subfloor, ample air ventilation, an access ladder, two bug-out bags, two sleeping bags and two camouflage pillows.”

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