Pro Defense F4 Tactical Rail-Mounted Pepper Spray

The F4 Tactical Rail-Mounted Pepper Spray by Pro-Defense is the next step in non-lethal tactics, providing officers with instant response options as the situation demands. The F4 Tactical mounts on a Picatinny rail. It is capable of spraying short bursts or a continuous stream from any angle. The F4 has a full 360 range.

Lightweight and durable, the F4 Tactical has a snap safety similar to many hunting rifles, in addition to a second buffer safety spring. The F4 comes with Sabre pepper spray, a proven pepper spray used by a host of law enforcement agencies, including the New York Police Department, US Border Patrol and others. Replaceable canisters and training cans are available from Pro-Defense.

The F4 Tactical by Pro-Defense is suitable for military and law enforcement, as well as civilian home defense.

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