Aimpoint Micro T2

While Aimpoint sights have been a staple of military carbines for years now, today’s Micro T2 takes the same capability and shrinks it down to something truly tiny. The Micro T2 is tank-tough and waterproof up to 25 meters. The Micro T2 also sports perfect glass and a tiny footprint that leaves plenty of rail space for other accessories. For this design, Aimpoint started from scratch and incorporated the latest optical coating technology to increase performance above its already impressive baseline. (; 877-246-7646)

HiViz LiteWave Sights

HIVIZ has introduced and expanded its LITEWAVE sight series.  The new fiber optic front and rear sights feature interchangeable LitePipes that absorb the maximum amount of light available making target acquisition effortless in almost any lighting condition. The simple interchangeability of the LitePipes, and numerous color selections, makes customizing your sight ideal for all shooter’s needs.  Check out all the LITEWAVE sights and more online. (; 800-589-4315)

Redding Reloading .22 TCM Die Set

The growing popularity of the .22 TCM load for plinkers and varmint shooters has spurred Redding Reloading Equipment to offer a new full-length die set for the cartridge. Thanks to the development of a specialized, reduced-duration-size button that allows the sizing die to function normally even with the short overall length of the .22 TCM case, this two-die set eliminates the need for the reloader to use a separate expander die. This significantly reduces the amount of time and die changes
in the loading process without compromising the quality of the finished round. (; 607-753-3331)

Burris Tactical Kits

Burris’ new Tactical Kits will help tactical and competitive AR shooters get ready to roll. The kits include a quality prism sight and either a secondary red-dot sight or an AR-Tripler, plus mounts, all packaged in a rugged carry case. These are complete, ready-to-go optics platforms that offer over a $100 in savings when compared to buying each item separately. The AR-332 Tactical Kit features the 3X AR-332 with the FastFire II reflex sight, while the AR-536 Tactical Kit comes with a 5X AR-536 with the FastFire II. Finally, the AR-1X Tactical Kit comes with the AR-1X prism sight and the AR-Tripler. (; 970-356-1670)

Witt Machine Muzzle Brake

New muzzle brakes from Witt Machine for various styles of rifles have been independently tested to essentially eliminate muzzle rise for more accurate follow-up shots when they matter most. Made from 416 stainless bar stock with a graphite black finish, the brakes’ durable design features a series of ports that will keep your rifle’s barrel down during repeated firing. (; 800-444-2550)

Sun Optics USA Tactical Hunter Scope

Built for hard use on the trail, the new 4-14x Tactical Hunter from Sun Optics USA is a high-performance, first-focal-plane optic that delivers no point of impact change at any magnification. Consisting of a one-piece, 30mm-tube design, the optic is waterproof, shockproof and fogproof. The precision-ground, multi-coat lens allows for crisp edge-to-edge clarity and maximum light transmission. Weighing 27 ounces, the optic also includes full windage and elevation adjustments in millimeters. A Tactical Mil-Spec reticle is standard on the scope. (; 817-783-6001)

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