Primary Weapons Systems MK107 Upper Briefcase
PWS Releases Leather Briefcase For MK107 Upper

Primary Weapons Systems decided to go business casual with one of its newest products: The MK107 Upper Briefcase.

The all new MK107 Upper Briefcase is fitted and lined, designed for perfect, discreet concealed carrying of additional firepower in an automobile or at the office.

The Kenneth Cole, leather briefcases are expertly customized by Bauer Cases to fit a MK107 upper, two Magpul Pmags and a PWS MK1 Pistol Lower fitted with the SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace by Sig Sauer.

The best part of the Primary Weapons Systems’ new item is that it comes fully stocked with a MK107 upper for the same price as the upper: $1,449.95. So Primary Weapons Systems is essentially giving the briefcase away for free.

For more information on the MK107 briefcase and other great products from Primary Weapons Systems, please visit

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