Checking IDs in the dark forces law enforcement officers to keep a flashlight in one hand, leaving them more vulnerable. But QuiqLite has developed a new, hands-free product to help LEOs in the field.

QuiqLitePro ID Check authenticates passports, currency, driver licenses or any other identifications with ultraviolet (UV) markings without having to hold a flashlight in your hands.

The first push of the “On/Off” button will activate the white LED at 10 lumens, used for normal reading and writing while keeping your night vision preserved.

If you require the UV LED, simply activate by pushing the “On/Off” button again within two seconds of the first push.

Pro is also equipped with a 10-minute auto-off battery saving timer and continual safety strobe for situations when you need to be seen. Pro also now includes a QuiqFlare attachment.


  • 3 modes
  • Super-Bright white LED
  • 370nm UV LED
  • Anti-glare visor
  • Independent LED acitvation
  • 10 minute auto-off timer
  • 160 degree adjustable LED light arm
  • 360 Degree removeable  magnetic QuiqClip
  • Weather resistant housing
  • Safety Strobe
  • Now includes QuiqFlare attachment!

The QuiqLitePro ID Check retails for $26.95 and is available now.

For more information on the QuiqLitePro ID Check and other products, please visit


  • UV LED: 370nm/40 hours
  • White LED: 10 Lumens/40 hours
  • Strobe: 10 lumens/40 hours (white LED only)
  • Length: 3 inches
  • Width: 0.90 inches
  • Weight w/batteries &Clip: 1.0 oz.
  • Batteries: (2) QuiqLiteX lithium CR2032 (included)
  • Housing: Nylon

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