Radical Firearms continues its push into the new year with the launch of its all new suppressor line.

The line includes three suppressors: The RF 7.62 Stainless Steel Suppressor, RF 5.56 Direct Thread Suppressor, and the RF 22LR Direct Thread Suppressor.

Rated for 7.62×39, 7.62×51 and 300 Blackout, the RF 7.62 Stainless Steel Suppressor weighs 20.4 ounces. It measures 8 inches in length with a diameter of 1.5 inches. It is hreaded to fit barrels in 5/8×24. The RF 7.62 retails for $499.99.

Next on the list is the RF 5.56 Direct Thread Suppressor. Designed for 5.56 NATO, the suppressor weighs 20.4 ounces with a 7-inch length and a 1.5-inch diameter. It is threaded to fit barrels in 1/2×28. The RF 5.56 retails for $399.99.

Last on the list is the RF 22LR Direct Thread Suppressor. The suppressor has a weight of just 6 ounces, with a length of 5.5 inches and a diameter of .925 inches. It is threaded to fit barrels in 1/2×28. The RF 22LR retails for $199.99.

All three suppressors are finished in High Temp Cerakote and are not machine gun rated.

For more information on the new suppressor line and other products from Radical Firearms, please visit

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