RamRodz Gun Detailing Assortment lead
Ultimate Gun Care with RamRodz's Gun Detailing Assortment

Woodstock, N.Y., isn’t just home to one of the greatest concerts of all time, it’s also home to RamRodz, which specializes in unique and innovative gun accessory products.

The company has announced the release of its new Gun Detailing Assortment, which is a set of 250 swabs for cleaning slides, magazine housings, bolts, receivers and much more. The swabs found in this set are non-caliber specific.

According to the press release, this package can be used for applying solvents and other cleaning chemicals. The cotton heads of the swabs are tightly wound, eradicating drip and splatter while cleaning. The swab handles enable users to access and clean hard-to-reach surfaces that can’t be cleaned using traditional cleaning methods.

The swabs in the RamRodz Gun Detailing Assortment come with flexible bamboo handles and low-lint cotton heads, similar to other caliber-specific swabs manufactured by RamRodz.

In addition to the Gun Detailing Assortment pack, RamRodz also sells caliber specific swabs available in .22 Caliber, .38/9mm, .40 Caliber , .45 Caliber and .50 Caliber. ­­Made entirely from renewable resources, RamRodz are disposable and biodegradable.

For more information on the Gun Detailing Assortment and other products from RamRodz, please visit Ramrodz.com.

Features & Benefits

  • Industrial-grade, low-lint cotton
  • Strong, flexible bamboo handle resists snapping
  • Variety of sizes for increased versatility
  • Not intended for use in the barrel

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