New for 2014, Randbrands continues to offer their Rand CLP gun care product which has recently taken the industry by storm (click here to read more about Rand CLP). Scroll down to watch a video containing more information about Rand CLP.

For 2014, Randbrands is hoping to continue the momentum gained from the resounding success of Rand CLP (Cleaner, Lubricant, Protectant), which was released in 2013. Simply put, Rand CLP meets the gun care needs of a broad spectrum of military, police, recreational and competitive shooters, and hunters.

Rand CLP uses a vegetable oil base and a mixture of nano-particles to concoct a liquid which results in a smooth yet strong surface when used. The nano-particles seep into the metal of the firearm and form a protective shield guard against rust and dirt, while the vegetable oil helps make it easier to wipe away carbon build-up and fouling from the metal.

Rand CLP addresses a number of different issues — including carbon build-up, rust prevention, jamming and malfunctions, water displacement, and removal of dirt, lint and dust — in order to create an optimized firearm that is both functional and durable.

It is a USDA certified biobased, non-toxic, odorless, product which works with all metals, polymers, and woods.

Randbrands is offering Rand CLP in a two oz. and four oz. bottle. It can be purchased in packs of two, four and six, as well as ten-pack and two hundred case single-use 3.5 ml Rip & Drips, suitable for hunting and traveling. Co-branding options are also available for those in the industry. Randbrands is also selling hats, t-shirts and beanies embroidered with the Rand CLP logo.

With the release of Rand CLP, Randbrand has taken gun care to another level entirely. Rand CLP is quickly becoming the standard for firearm maintenance in military, law enforcement, hunting, and recreational and competitive shooting.

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