Dennis “The Snake” Chalker is a retired Command Master Chief for the U.S. Navy Seals with more than 30 years of service, so his expertise needs no questioning.

“The Snake” recently teamed with Jersey Tactical on the second generation Chalker Sling.

The Chalker Sling can be used a variety of weapons, such as submachine guns (SMG), rifles, carbines, shotguns and shoulder mounted weapons, including 37mm and 40mm gas guns.

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With speed in mind, Chalker was designed to allow for rapid switching of weapons and reacquisition of the user’s weapon when coming off of a rope or ladder.

The snap shackle of the Chalker allows the user to rapidly attach or release — by pulling red strap — a slung weapon.

The Chalker Sling also allows the user to move the slung weapon across the body — left or right — without bringing it across their face or head, which may result in losing target acquisition or visibility. There are no straps that cross the user’s shoulders that may lead to contact with facial gear.

The Chalker Sling is available now for $99.

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