Redfield Revolution/TAC Riflescope
Redfield Revolution/TAC Riflescope

Redfield Revolution/TAC 3-9x40mm riflescope utilizes a vapor-deposited, multi-coat Illuminator Lens System that provides outstanding image quality, while also delivering an increased field of view and superior light transmission. The Redfield Revolution/TAC features a Rapid Target Acquisition lockable eyepiece that provides generous eye relief, and the TAC-MOA reticle features stadia lines on the horizontal and vertical crosshairs set at two minute of angle (MOA) increments. These allow the marksman to quickly holdover for wind or elevation, and can be used for range estimation on objects of known size.

Substantial, knurled ¼-MOA knobs assure precise and repeatable adjustments through both tactile and audible clicks. The 100% waterproof, nitrogen-filled maintube prevents fogging and freezing, and are guaranteed to stay sealed for the life of the scope.

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