Designed to help ensure LEOs make it home safely every night, Remington’s LEO-only line of Golden Saber Bonded ammo is crafted for barrier-penetrating performance. As a side note, the non-bonded Golden Saber High-Performance Jacket (HPJ) is the company’s commercial equivalent of this load. Golden Saber Bonded is the ultimate extension of Remington’s Golden Saber HPJ bullet concept. Through an exclusive process, the Golden Saber’s lead core is hot-bonded to the brass jacket. The result is exceptional weight retention—up to 97 percent when fired through automobile glass—along with phenomenal terminal performance when shot through heavy clothing or into bare gelatin.

However, the bonding process does not leave you with a less-accurate round. Jacket-and-core concentricity and the resulting gyroscopic balance have been maintained to deliver match-grade accuracy and higher velocity conservation. Golden Saber HPJ Bonded bullets also feature the industry-exclusive Driving Band profile, which centers the bullet better in the bore as it moves into the rifling. This results in match-grade accuracy.

Busting Barriers

Along with several other gun writers at an event at Gunsite, I got an up-close look at the penetration and weight-retention capabilities of Golden Saber Bonded HPJs. We gathered at one of Gunsite’s ranges to witness comparisons between several brands of barrier-penetrating ammunition in 10 percent ballistic gelatin. Four test scenarios were set up to test penetration and weight retention. The first test was bare gelatin from 10 feet; next was heavy clothing from 10 feet; then steel the same thickness as automobile door metal from 10 feet; and finally auto glass from 10 feet. To calibrate the ballistic gelatin and establish a baseline for testing, a BB was fired from an air gun, chronographing at 576 feet per second (fps) at 10 feet and penetrating 3.4 inches.

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Designed to help ensure LEOs make it home safely every night, Remington’s LEO-only line…