Ring's Manufacturing Sig Sauer P320C
Ring's Manufacturing Introduces Sig Sauer P320C Bluegun

Ring’s Manufacturing has been making firearm simulators or “blueguns” for law enforcement since the 90s.

The company’s newest addition to its bluegun line is a favorite from Sig Sauer.

The Sig Sauer P320C is molded from solid blue polyurethane to differentiate them from a live weapon.

Ring’s Manufacturing has created a polymer-framed service pistol designed from the ground up with the input of law enforcement officers. The result is the most operator-safety focused striker duty pistol on the market today.

Taking into account the concerns of military and police training officers, the P320C provides an enhanced level of safety not found on most modern service pistols.

Another aspect that makes the actual Sig Sauer P320C very popular with law enforcement is how easily customizable the firearm is to any hand size or duty requirement. Blueguns’ Sig Sauer P320C is a 1:1 exact replica of the original Sig P320C, allowing officers to train in safe realistic tactical scenarios without the need to use their duty firearms.

For more information on the P320C and other blueguns from Ring’s Manufacturing, please visit Blueguns.com.

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